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. . This is my little piece of Blue Sky, it is not an Ivory Tower: you're welcome for a visit !
Started in 1996, it was updated at least every 3 months, now 22 years !.
If you want to practice the Moliere's tongue, please write ! I'll reply in French on request.

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Sacred Cat of Burma

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the Beauce: my Web Site
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This Menu allows direct access. Because many texts are in French, you could at once, read the text hereunder, then, have a good French lesson !

Phare The Internet corner:

All My Web Sites
I do not make website for the computer lore but because I have something to tell. The sites I have made can be visited from the page called: My pages (most of them are in French)

Internet Links ... to the sites I want to feature.(in French)

Most of you have discovered my Websites by this way, therefore I want to promote the sites I prefer.
There are also some links in each rubric for the specific subject.

Last but not least, there are also my shouts, translated hereunder:

LPOIndeed, was the Year 2000's Bug, the last one ? This is a S.O.S. :

A French association "LPO", the Bird Protection League, has enough courage to fight against Petrol lobbies (but also against killing WindMills power): Every day, hundreds of sea birds are saved from death thanks to them, they are all volunteers.
One can love both cats and birds, I do !

Our heart is bleeding ! One of the most beautiful sites in France, a jewel, soiled by Tankers ... A shame on governments, on EEC bureaucracy, on criminal states allowing outlaw practices, on Petrol lobbies, on Political incompetence.
If you're welcomed next Summer time on clean beaches, this will be thanks to volunteers, we will also thank Police, Firemen, and Army, great people who worked hard after because there was no law to apply before !

The text is in French, but please see the Picture: Christmas '99 at Port-Cotton, Belle Ile en Mer (French Brittany famously painted by Claude Monet)

USAManhattan 11 Sept. 2001, We are all Americans !

Alas, other reasons for complaining against criminal states and thinking about Police, Firemen, and Army, great people, came in '2001 ... in a larger scale.
Again the text is in French, but I'm sure you will understand ... and agree.

See the Picture: Black Tuesday at Manhattan: We are all with you,

God bless America !

Duchesse Passions & Hobbies :

" Il y a deux moyens d'oublier les tracas de la vie : la musique et les chats." Dr A. SCHWEITZER
[Transl.] " There are two ways to leave down Life's bothers: Music and Cats "
He had a third one : Self sacrifice. By modesty he forgot it, but he was as good as for the two other ways !

My three major passions are breeding Cats, music and photography. My job is in the Medical world: this explains why I admire this Great Man.

Born in Germanic Alsace, refugee in France, Albert Schweitzer became a Lutherian Pastor, Doctor in Theology, and Mucicologist: He wrote a very accurate Biography of J.S. Bach. Then he decided to help poor people and he became Doctor in Medicine. He spent the rest of his life founding an hospital at Lambaréné in Center Africa, and used Music to earn the money necessary for his Charities. His records are today rare collectors. (I'm proud to have them)

Photography: All the other items are taking advantage of this hobby . . . In order to please to many visitors, the pictures of my site have been gathered by themes into Galleries together with others not yet published. But, first of all, visit Axelle !

Musics: Mad about Organs (Lithurgical & Hammond) and Guitar (Jazz), this is a subject for discussions: Please write !
Also an audio fan, I give my personal C.D. choices if I had to go on a desert island . . .
The "Antique Markets" shopping gave me the opportunity to re-discover the records of my "old friends" when I was a student. You are invited: Return to the sixties !

The Sacred Cat of Burma: Well known as "Birman" in the US, this magnificent & sweet long haired cat, has a French origin ! As members of " Fédération Féline Française" / FIFe (Europe) , we have Champions, and every year some lovely kitties at the end of Summertime. You will find there some tips for your cat comfort.
No sales on this site but we can be contacted by e-mail.

Fleur Family corner:

Axelle: When I was 50, I had a marvellous gift: my first grand-daughter...
A little baby girl born exactly 3 days from my 50th Birthday Anniversary !
She is growing like a pretty little mushroom, she is nice, sweet and pretty. She was born some weeks before I put this Website on line.
The pictures are updated several times a year. The old ones are kept together with the new ones, in a Photo Gallery ...
Please, let me introduce ... Axelle !

Sarah: When she was 9, she had a marvellous gift: her first sister ! ...
Born 20 days before her 9th Birthday Anniversary !
Dad and Kate are redoing the surprise !
The pictures of sister Sarah will be obviously in the Children Photo Gallery: you can visit too ...
Now introduce ... Sarah !

Leah: And then, she had a cousin from Ireland ! ...
Born almost 6 months later her sister
a cousin from her beloved Godfather and aunt Mandy ...
The pictures of Leah will be obviously in the Photo Gallery: you must visit too ...
and then, introduce ... Leah !

Machine Professional corner:

This was in 1996 ... When one is going to be more than 50 (just on the ID card) and he wants to show that the "processor" (the brain, not the PC !) still runs in a ... "Turbo" mode, without floating point error ;-) he must have a "young" C.V. on the Net:
My c.v. was at the origin of this website... many years ago !
C.V. : Bilingual independent pages, please ask for address & more details on e-mail.
Biologist with a 30 years expertise in the Health & Biology worlds, I was European Development Manager, Sales and Technical, in HiTech Laboratory equipments (Cancers, AIDS).Retired at 60, I can accept some part-time jobs or consulting.

e-mail : please click on the enveloppeEnveloppe

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